Supporting Charities is Good for YOUR Health

Supporting Charities is Good for YOUR Health
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At Global Coin Solutions, we are all about supporting charities and giving back. We do this by enabling charities to collect cash donations in any currency … turning leftover foreign currency into funds the charities can then use.

We also do this by employing people: the more charities we work with, the more money gets collected, and the more people it takes to sort through the donations (sorting mixed currency is a manual process). Further, Global Coin Solutions is a Certified Living Wage Employer meaning that we pay our team members a minimum of $23.15 per hour which helps alleviate financial pressures on them.
Lastly, because the majority of the work we do is in support of charities, we are doing “good” work … we aren’t welling or making things for a consumable world so our team can feel really good about the efforts they put in.

What does Giving to Charity have to do with Improving your Health?

According to CanadaHelps, there are 5 Reasons Why You Should Donate to Charity and here are 3 that relate to our own wellbeing:

Giving promotes feelings of happiness.
Helping others feels good. When you donate to a charity that is important to you, you not only help them continue their vital work, you’re also improving your emotional wellbeing, a win-win situation!

Experience lifelong benefits when you donate your time.
If you are not in a position to contribute financially to charity, but are looking for other ways to give back, considering volunteering your time instead. You will meet new, like-minded people, learn new skills to add to your resume, or complete necessary community hours for school programs. You can also get involved in the community that supports your favourite cause. For example, if you attend a fundraising event for your favourite charity, you’ll meet new, like-minded people who care about the same cause.

Donating gives you the opportunity to show gratitude.
Life is busy, and it can sometimes be easy to forget to show your gratitude for all that you’ve been given. There are thousands of Canadian charities and causes doing vital work across the country and around the world. When you are ready to give and are researching a charity to support, this can remind us of all that we have, and the act of donating to charity is a way to express our feelings gratitude. Inspire others to give by posting your kind action on social media to inspire others to give generously.

The Cleveland Clinic has this to say about Why Giving Is Good for Your Health (supported by research from psychologist Susan Albers, PsyD):

Health benefits of giving
A smile isn’t the only reaction that comes from gift-giving. There’s also a chemical response that takes place in your body in response to … well, just doing something nice.
As you help someone or give a gift, your brain secretes “feel good” chemicals such as:
Serotonin (which regulates your mood).
Dopamine (which gives you a sense of pleasure).
Oxytocin (which creates a sense of connection with others).
“When we do things for other people, it makes us feel much more engaged and joyful,” says Dr. Albers. “That’s good for our health and our happiness.”

Physical and mental health benefits associated with giving or serving can include:
Lower blood pressure
Generosity truly is good for your heart, says Dr. Albers. Researchers found that giving to others can lower your blood pressure and protect your ticker. (The effect, by the way, is similar to the positive results brought by a healthy diet and exercise.)

A longer lifespan
The secret to living longer may be giving more of yourself. Studies show that people who volunteer tend to live longer than those who don’t.

Less stress
Want to melt away stress? The best solution may be to help someone else. Gift-giving or volunteering can reduce your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that can make you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

A ‘helper’s high’
Giving can stimulate your brain’s mesolimbic pathway, or reward center, while releasing endorphins. That can lead to a “helper’s high” that boosts self-esteem, elevates happiness and combats feelings of depression.

The Health Benefits You’ll Receive By Donating To Charity according to Save the Children:

Improved Self-Esteem & Self-Worth Are Health Benefits of Charitable Giving
Donating is a selfless act. One of the major positive effects of donating to charity is simply feeling good about giving. Being able to give back to those in need helps you achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth, it feels good to help others. Instead of putting money toward a gift someone may look at once and never use again, you can donate that money to a charity in need on your loved one’s behalf or send a symbolic gift. This leads to a feeling of self-worth knowing that you’re offering much-needed resources to a great cause for those in need. As an added benefit, you and your loved one will both feel good about giving back to others.

Positive Moods and Low Depression Rates Due to The Psychology of Generosity
With positive self-esteem and self-worth comes a genuinely more optimistic mood and outlook on life as even more health benefits of giving. Studies show that one of the benefits of giving back is its positive impact on the brain. These effects are similar to activities people usually associate with joy and happiness such as eating, exercising, or affectionate gestures like giving someone a hug. Different chemical reactions can lead to an ongoing pattern of improved mental health and well-being. Keep this in mind the next time you’re having a bad day and need something uplifting to draw from. There are many advantages of helping others, as donating can help better somebody else’s life and lead to a healthier you.

Longer Life Expectancy Is a Result of The Psychology of Giving to Therapy
It’s no surprise that stress, depression, and anxiety can lead to a number of health issues, headaches, insomnia, and high blood pressure. One of the reasons why you should donate to charity is that it acts as a way to de-stress your everyday life. With the simple act of charitable giving, not only are you assisting the world as a whole, but you receive the added benefit of a more relaxed holiday season. As an added bonus, some studies show that the gift of giving and unselfishness is an altruistic personality trait that is closely aligned with people who live longer.

The Importance of Charity in Improving the World Community
We’re all trying to make the world a better place. One person’s charitable giving can help the greater good of humanity, positively impacting more people than a giver may ever comprehend their donation could reach. In many parts of the world, others are not so fortunate. One of the benefits of donating to nonprofit organizations are the communities they build and nurture. Charitable communities help foster a happier and healthier world by improving the quality of life for those around us as a whole.

In Summary:

Supporting charities, whether you are donating cash, leftover foreign currency, food, clothing, or toy doesn’t just help those in need, it helps you! Do your research, find that charities that fit best with your beliefs and aspirations, and support them however you are able.

The world will be a better place because of your help and you will reap the health benefits of helping others.

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Upwards of 80% of North Americans suffer from some degree of cortisol imbalance, otherwise known as adrenal fatigue.

Upwards of 80% of North Americans suffer from some degree of cortisol imbalance, otherwise known as adrenal fatigue.

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