Our Men's Mental Health Toolbox is Here!

Our Men's Mental Health Toolbox is Here!
PHAM/Men United Men's Mental Health & Addiction Event - Feb 2024

There has never been a more important time in history to focus on our mental wellness. The rates of mental illness in Canada are climbing and staggering.

According to the CAMH - The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health which is Canada's largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centres in its field:

  • Young people aged 15 to 24 are more likely to experience mental illness and/or substance use disorders than any other age group.
  • 39% of Ontario high-school students indicate a moderate-to-serious level of psychological distress (symptoms of anxiety and depression). A further 17% indicate a serious level of psychological distress.
  • Men have higher rates of substance use disorders than women, while women have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders.
  • Mental and physical health are linked. People with a long-term physical health condition such as chronic pain are much more likely to also experience mood disorders. Conversely, people with a mood disorder are at much higher risk of developing a long-term medical condition.
  • People with a mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance use disorder compared to the general population. At least 20% of people with a mental illness have a co-occurring substance use disorder.7 For people with schizophrenia, the number may be as high as 50%.
  • Similarly, people with substance use disorders are up to 3 times more likely to have a mental illness. More than 15% of people with a substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental illness.
  • Canadians in the lowest income group are 3 to 4 times more likely than those in the highest income group to report poor to fair mental health.
  • Studies in various Canadian cities have indicated that between 23% and 67% of homeless people may have a mental illness.

Back in February during PHAM - Preventative Health Awareness Month, we hosted a Men's Mental Health & Addiction event in collaboration with Founder of Men United, Troy Colmer and partner Luke Loughlin.

We brought together a group of passionate and committed professionals who believe in working together to educate and empower Canadians by stocking their health toolbox with practical tips, tools and strategies to help improve their health esteem and help them Become the CEO of their Health.

We kicked off the afternoon of education with a powerful keynote address from Paulie O'Bryne, Certified Peer Support and Addiction/Mental Health Advocate. He shared his own personal struggle with mental health and addiction.

The event was a huge success and not only impacted the lives of the people in attendance that day but we also raised $500 to donate to Regeneration, thanks to the support of our sponsors Bramgate Volkswagen, Osteosound, Christian Febel and Churrasqueira Grelha D’ouro.

Giving back to our community is part of our mission and this organization does incredible work supporting the homeless or those struggling with mental health and addiction. PHAM is NOT only an awareness month but rather a important movement that continues all year long. Finding innovative and effective ways to continue to educate and empower Canadians all year long is our mission.

$500 donation to Regeneration from Men United and PHAM

As we wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month here in Canada, we are excited to release our complementary practical PHAM Men's Mental Health and Addiction Toolbox 🧰 with the hopes of helping more people.

This toolbox not only gives you access to videos of all of the speakers that shared their expertise during the event but also other tools such as breath-work, stretching exercises, meditations by meditation and leadership coach Angela Kontgen and more!

Click on the box below to gain access to the toolbox and be sure to share the link with your family and friends.

Men’s Digital Toolbox
Men’s Mental & Physical Health Digital Toolbox Sign up to get access below! Men’s Mental & Physical Health Digital Toolbox brought to you by PHAM & OSTEOSOUND Tips, tools and strategies to implement into daily living to help improve the mental, physical and emotional well-being of men. What’s in the toolbox? Access to

Men's Mental Health and Addiction Toolbox

We want to acknowledge and thank the professionals, a.k.a. PHAMBASSADORS who not only gave their time and expertise but also showed great compassion on the day of the event.

We would also like to acknowledge North Bramalea United Church for donating their space to host this important community health event.

We couldn't have done it without all of you! ❤️

Remember a healthy tomorrow begins with prevention today!

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Upwards of 80% of North Americans suffer from some degree of cortisol imbalance, otherwise known as adrenal fatigue.

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