Men don’t do Spa Days! Or do they?

Men don’t do Spa Days!  Or do they?
Spa Day - Prevention is powerful!

What is a manly way to implement healthy preventative health tools into your daily life? Journaling, meditation, exercise, healthy food, reduce or eliminate alcohol, are all a Big Yes.

What about preventative health tools that may not fit into the typical guys toolbox? Are they ok? Do they make you less of a man? The simple answer is; hell no!

I had a stressful 2023 and as I walked hand and hand with my Dad through his cancer diagnosis. He passed away on Friday February 2, 2024. I grieved his health as he approached the end months, weeks and finally days of his life, and when he did finally die, it brought a sense of peace that I knew he was now ok, and his pain was gone. My faith brought hope of him being created a new in an energy which is a mystery, but holds true to me.

I woke up in the middle of the early Monday February 25 will a sense of panic and realization that I would never see my Dad again in this life. It brought a cloud of grief that I had not experienced since his death. I eventually fell back to sleep, but I woke up with the same heaviness of brain fog, heavy hearted and a body that was vibrating and fatigued. I wasn’t sure what to do.

My thoughts went to what I had recently learned at the Men’s Mental Health & Addiction Prevention Day, Men United co-hosted with Margaret Wallis-Duffy, who is the visionary behind Preventative Health Awareness Month, and the tools shared that day. Immediately I thought to myself, “I need a massage.” I texted Marg and asked if she could give me a massage therapy treatment soon. Not only did she say yes to giving me a treatment, she organized a full spa day for me at Scorpio Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa. I agreed to go for it.

This week I pulled out some of my new tools in my tool box and stepped out of my comfort to proactively help take care of my mental and physical health. I showed up to the spa to a beautiful welcome from Tammie Field, the owner of The Healing Himalayan Salt Cave. She lead me to a change room where I got ready for my first treatment of the day.which was a fascial stretch with Leslie Ann Spicer. Leslie is a fascial stretch specialist and the owner of Balanced Bodies Studio which is located located on the lower floor of the spa. Firstly, I learned what fascial stretch is and how it would benefit my body. It was awesome and I highly recommend visiting Leslie for a stretch at Balance Bodies Studio. You won’t be disappointed.

My second treatment was to relax in a salt sauna for 30 minutes. After getting stretched it was the perfect thing I needed. I sat quietly, meditated, hydrated with 3 bottles of water, and relaxed to the max. I felt my muscles stay limber from the heat and my mind was clear. Perfect!

Next was being lead to the Himalayan Salt Cave. It was so cool. The visual was incredible with 40,000 lbs of salt on the ground and countless blocks of salt that created the walls in the cave. I sat beside a flowing waterfall, and listened to relaxing instrumental music. I was told to breathe deeply and take in the benefits of the positive effects of the salt. I was close to falling asleep when Tammy came to get me for my next relaxing activity.

In between treatments I sat and placed my feet on a salt based foot massager. Leslie came to sit with me and we had a great conversation about life, and the preventative health movement we are going to be involved with over the next year. I am excited to say with all the collaborations that I made recently there is going to be some really awesome opportunities for people to join us at various events so you can become the CEO of your health.

Last but not least was my massage therapy treatment with Margaret. She gave me an in-depth education on the benefits of massage therapy and the tools she uses during her treatment such as the Health Canada approved Microcurrent Point Stimulation device which helps to down-regulate the nervous system and decrease cortisol. I was pumped to get a treatment with Marg because she is a veteran therapist and I have never had a massage from someone with her leveel of expertise. The next 60 minutes was heaven, mixed with a little bit of “good pain” to work out the knots, otherwise known as trigger points. I wouldn’t call the pressure on these problem areas hell, because it was so beneficial. It was a necessary discomfort. Getting off the table I felt like a new man. It was a delightful experience.

After all my treatments I had the pleasure to hangout with my friends Marg and Leslie to share good conversations and get introduced to healthy coffee and tea, beet juice shot, and a freshly squeezed juice.

Are spa days for men? Absolutely 100 percent. I didn’t feel any less of a man receiving the treatments and I got to hangout with some beautiful ladies I call my friends and they educated me on how to keep implementing new preventative health tools that I can stick in my toolbox for the future.

Be a man. Have a spa day. Get out of your head and the preconceived ideas you have about what are women’s stuff and what are men’s stuff. Open your mind to new ideas. Real men spa, no doubt about it.

Troy Colmer, Founder Men United

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