Exciting News! - Wallis For Wellness 2.0 is Here!

Exciting News! - Wallis For Wellness 2.0 is Here!
Wallis For Wellness 2.0 is here! wallisforwellness.com

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Wallis For Wellness's new website!

Happy Friday. It's Margaret here, and I am super excited to be bringing this announcement to you today. As many of you know, almost a year and a half ago, in April of 2022, I made the very difficult but necessary decision to close Wallis for Wellness in the form that it had existed in for 30 years.

Now, it was my passion and my baby. I grew that practice from the ground up and it taught me so much. And one thing I know to be true, that it stalked and fueled my passion for preventative and integrative health even more than the first day that I opened the doors at Wallis for Wellness. The reason that it was time to embark on a new chapter was so that I could have the time and the bandwidth to really focus on doing legacy work in healthcare.

What does that mean? It was time that I could really start to focus on projects to educate, empower, and inspire each and every one of you. To be the CEO of your health, to advocate for change in our healthcare system, where we start to shift the mindset and the resources from this pill for nil, wait till it's broken to one that's more preventative and powering.

and patient centred. The last year and a half has been quite a journey. It has been an amazing time of growth and excitement and so many things have happened. I've been really busy behind the scenes rolling up my sleeves and doing the work necessary to put some real projects and initiatives in place.

So I could reach these goals that I set out to do a year and a half ago. I'm just getting started and today I'm making an announcement about the launch of our new Wallis for Wellness 2.0 website that I've been working on for months. You know, in reflection this morning about the process of doing something new that's hard and scary and unknown, really made me realize That I needed to come and share this with all of you because it really is a reflection on life, isn't it?

We often go through times where we're unsure. We don't know what's coming, but the important thing is to do it anyways. If we lead with intention and passion and integrity and authenticity, we can chase down our dreams. And I've proven to myself over the last year and a half When I closed the doors of Wallis for Wellness, I really didn't know what this next chapter could look like, but I knew I had a goal and a vision that was burning inside of me and I was ready.

So although I'm still treating just a couple of days a week, I made a really tough decision a couple of months to a couple of months ago to close the practice in terms of not taking on any more new patients. That was really hard. Massage therapy is my passion. It's something I've done for 31 years. And quite honestly, it's a privilege to do what I do.

I love the laying hands on of people and it teaches me every day. And so although I'm not taking on new patients anymore, I am focusing on what I can do to help the masses. What I can do to change the legacy of healthcare in this country. So that we can leave a different place, a different system for my kids and future grandkids.

Because one thing I know, since the pandemic, with all of us walking through this collective difficult time, there has never been a more important time to help you improve your health esteem so you can be the CEO of your health. This pill for ill, wait till it's broken, sick care system is strained. And it's time that we look at this more proactive, instead of reactive accountable approach to our own health.

We need to get in the driver's seat of your health. And over the last year and a half, I have been doing things to help you do exactly that. So this announcement this morning has come with a lot of work and a lot of reflection, and that's why I'm so excited to bring this to you this morning. Wallis for Wellness 2.0 has officially launched. And when you go to this website, you're going to see many things. One, there's something there for everyone. If you're an individual that's looking to get into the driver's seat of your health, but you're struggling and you don't know where to turn, There's a lot here for you, and I'll speak about that in a moment.

If you're a practitioner, some of my colleagues in health care, massage therapists, that you know you're meant for more and you want to contribute to this change in our system, there's something there for you as well. And for those of you in the workplace that want to change the culture of your workplace, that recognize the importance of health now more than ever, both at home and at work, There are programs for you as well.

So here's the exciting news. Over the last year and a half, I have been the visionary and launched the first ever Preventative Health Awareness Month that was recognized by Health Canada last February. This was a goal and a dream of mine for years and I didn't have the time to do that when I was running a bigger clinic.

But we've accomplished that together and when I say together, I mean the 40 plus healthcare professionals. from both conventional and complementary medicine that believed in my mission and came together and for 28 days straight, gave free education to educate and empower you on all the social media channels to really help stock your preventative health toolbox so that you could get into the driver's seat of your health.

We couldn't have done that without you as well and that Preventative Health Awareness Month or otherwise known as PHAM has now become a movement. Because let's be candid. It's not just about a month of education. It's about a lifestyle of change. It's about changing the way we look at our healthcare system.

And that is something we have to do. all year long. So PHAM all year long becomes PHAM the movement. And so in order to support that, myself and a colleague have launched PHAMCAST, which is a podcast and television show that's now available to you, both on Spotify and iTunes. And thanks to our collaboration with CogecoTV.

You can watch it on television too. And Wallis for Wellness 2.0 website, we've got our PHAM blog, where you can actually go to learn from some of the top professionals and, and sharing education from all the pillars of health. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and even financial well being. We are just getting started.

And it was so important to me that I had a foundation, a website, where you could go and you could start and embark on your journey, where you could join a community. That's going to help you find your way forward very soon. We're going to be launching the CEO of your health Educational hub. This is a digital hub that at your fingertips Click is just a help away where you can have evidence informed education from a wide range of health care professionals Because I know firsthand how scary it can be to be searching on the internet and wondering if you're getting actually good sound information.

We're going to have all kinds of things on this, on this portal from nutrition and easy recipes to movement to mind mindfulness and mental health to live webinars. It's going to be a community that you can rely on. But most importantly, this website and this movement is about you. And that's why I've spent many months building this website.

And I want to thank the team behind me. This didn't happen overnight and it's still evolving. We have a preventative health, the first of its kind, a preventative health Practitioner directory that is in the works where and it will grow across the country where you're going to be able to help find your team regardless of your struggles and in wherever you live.

My Team:

Kyle McCracken - KyTech - Web Agency

Melanie Ventura - Better Bussiness Co

We're going to help connect you to the healthcare professionals that you want on your team. These professionals believe, just like I do, that you're the most important member of that healthcare team. And that you being involved in your health and being involved in the self-management of your health and your life is critically important.

And that's what this website is sort of, is the foundation to do. So it's official. Wallis for Wellness 2.0 is live. Please go tour it. Take a look around. Visit often. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter. Make sure you have sign up with the database that you're going to get notified when new things have launched.

Because I am on a mission to help support you become the CEO of your health and I'm not doing this alone. So check out wallissforwellness.com and share it with your family and friends. And from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for your loyalty. You know, some of you are new. It's been an honor to be partnering with Megan Buhrmester from Osteosound and bringing the first ever.

REMS bone scan technology to Canada. It's Health Canada approved. We're taking this across the country and this is right in my wheelhouse of passion with musculoskeletal health. So we've got so much to offer and more things to come. We want to hear from you. Stay connected. Follow us on social media.

But please head on over to the website and do me a favor. Give us a review or send send it to friends. Because the more people that are exposed... To this opportunity, the more we're going to get close to the legacy of change in the health care that we all know we need. I'm going to leave you with this thought.

Remember that a healthy tomorrow begins with prevention today. What are you going to do today to get into the driver's seat of your health? I know the first good step. Head to wallisforwellness.com. Have a great day everyone. We'll see you soon.

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