PHAM'S Men's Mental Health & Addiction Prevention Day

PHAM'S Men's Mental Health & Addiction Prevention Day
Men United is excited to host a Men's Mental Health Day in Brampton


Preventative Health Awareness Month in collaboration with Men United, is hosting Men's Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Day.

The event aims to promote preventative measures for mental health and addiction at every age and stage of life. Keynote speaker Paulie O'Byrne, a mental health consultant for the OHL's London Knights , shares his personal journey and the importance of prevention, awareness, education, healing, and recovery.

The special event is bringing together a team of professionals to share their expertise to help stock your toolbox with implementable, practical strategies and resources to improve men's mental and physical health.

Sponsors, including Bramgate Auto Group and Global Coin Solutions, Osteosound Churrasqueira Grelha D'Ouro have generously supported the event. The event also aims to raise funds for Regeneration, an organization supporting marginalized individuals in Brampton.


  • Preventative measures for mental health and addiction are crucial at every age and stage of life.
  • Sharing personal stories and experiences can inspire and support others in their own journeys.
  • Practical tools and strategies, such as self-care practices and seeking professional help, are essential for preventing and maintaining mental health
  • Community support and collaboration are vital in promoting mental health and addiction prevention.


00:00 Introduction and Event Announcement

01:36 Men United and Preventative Health Awareness Month

03:01 Preventing Mental Health Issues and Addiction

04:42 Introduction of Keynote Speaker

05:00 Paulie O'Byrne's Journey and Advocacy

07:28 Importance of Sharing Stories and Building Community

08:28 Inspiring Others and Seeking Help

09:46 Self-Care and Recovery

11:27 Reaching Younger Generations

12:33 Tools and Strategies for Mental Health

14:49 Practical Strategies and Digital Toolbox

16:29 Acknowledging Sponsors and Fundraising

20:02 Foreign Currency Collection for Regeneration

24:12 Importance of Community Support

26:02 Closing Remarks and Event Promotion