Finger Splints you will want to wear to improve Function & Reduce Pain

Finger Splints you will want to wear to improve Function & Reduce Pain
Digisplint - an effective finger splint you will want to wear because it doesn't look like a splint


In this conversation, Margaret Wallis-Duffy interviews Derek from DigiSplint about the importance of hand health and the benefits of using splints for various hand conditions.

Derek shares his background as a silversmith and how he transitioned into making splints. They discuss different types of splints, including the realignment splint and the swan neck splint, and how they can help with pain and mobility.

They also talk about the cost of splints and insurance coverage. The conversation concludes with a reminder of the importance of preventative health and taking care of our hands.


  • Splints can be a helpful tool for improving hand health and managing conditions like arthritis.
  • DigiSplint offers splints that are functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Early intervention with splints can prevent further damage and loss of function.
  • Splints can be covered by insurance, and it's important to have a doctor's prescription for reimbursement.


00:00 Introduction and Importance of Hand Health

02:26 Derek's Background and Introduction to DigiSplint

08:09 Derek's Journey from Silversmith to Splint Maker

13:08 Overview of Different Types of Splints

20:58 Realignment Splint and Swan Neck Splint

25:07 Cost and Insurance Coverage

30:25 Collaboration with Therapists and Pop-up Clinics

31:23 Conclusion and Importance of Preventative Health

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