Kirsten's Childhood Cancer Story- Let's talk Prevention

Kirsten's Childhood Cancer Story- Let's talk Prevention

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Kirsten, a two-time childhood cancer survivor, and one time young adult cancer survivor about her experiences and the importance of preventative health.

They discuss the changing perception of cancer, living with and beyond cancer, advocating for one's health, the fear of recurrence, knowing one's body and seeking help, investing in one's health, prevention and early detection, the importance of early treatment, and resources for childhood cancer survivors. The conversation emphasizes the need for education, empowerment, and proactive healthcare to prevent and manage cancer.Takeaways

  • Cancer is no longer a death sentence, and there has been a shift in the perception of the disease. However, there is still work to be done in terms of awareness and understanding.
  • Childhood cancer survivors and their families need support and resources to navigate the long-term effects of treatment and to advocate for their health.
  • Knowing one's body and being proactive in seeking medical help are crucial for early detection and treatment of cancer.
  • Investing in preventative health measures, such as regular screenings and check-ups, can lead to early detection and better outcomes.


Here are some links specifically to support childhood cancer patients:

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00:00 Introduction and Childhood Cancer Awareness

03:30 The Changing Perception of Cancer0

4:56 Living with and Beyond Cancer

08:02 Advocating for Your Health

09:39 Fear of Recurrence

11:30 Knowing Your Body and Seeking Help

13:19 Investing in Your Health

15:36 Prevention and Early Detection

18:31 The Importance of Early Treatment

19:42Resources for Childhood Cancer Survivors

23:11 Support for Families and Siblings

23:59 Conclusion and Call to Action