Changing the world, one cent at a time!

Changing the world, one cent at a time!


On February 24, 2024, Preventative Health Awareness Month recognized by Health Canada and in collaboration with Men United hosted a Men’s Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Event at North Bramalea United Church. This educational event was a huge success and included a fundraising component in support of Regeneration 

We are living in very challenging times right now and so many people are struggling mentally and financially. That is why we chose to collaborate with Global Coin Solutions, an innovative fundraising partner whereby foreign currency is repatriated back to its country of origin and converted into Canadian currency that can be donated to Canadian charities. 

This creative form of charitable donation allows Canadians to give back even when they may be struggling financially themselves. Foreign currency has no value here in Canada but there is an estimated 2-3 Billion dollars of foreign currency sitting in the bedside tables of Canadians just waiting to be converted to help others via the support of organizations such as Regeneration. 

Regeneration Outreach is a caring community serving people who are experiencing homelessness, precariously housed, or who live in extreme poverty. They serve as an act of love that recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of every person, regardless of their circumstances or life journey.

People are struggling to pay their bills, feed their families and as a result are resorting to desperate measures to survive. 

Sadly, on Thursday March 21st, it was discovered that our charitable Globe housed at North Bramalea United Church was broken into and all the foreign and Canadian currency was taken. 

Whoever took this money can only use the Canadian money however the rest of the currency has no value to them but would have been VERY valuable to us. 

Sharing this story today is NOT about finding out who did this but rather a call to action to the community to ban together and gather all your foreign currency from your bedside tables and stop by either/or North Bramalea United Church located at 363 Howden Blvd or Regeneration located at 156 Main St. North

With a population of 800 000 in Brampton, there is a potential of 50 million dollars of foreign currency available in our community. 

If you are a resident in the Georgetown Ontario area, please drop off you foreign or Canadian Currency to Balanced Bodies Studios located at 136 Guelph St Unit 1

We need your help - lets be BETTER Together as ONE and try to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause so we can turn this tough situation in to one that will help our community and restore our faith in humankind.  

Any currency, of any amount is welcomed and will help us make a difference.