Breaking News! The podcast, PHAMCAST with Marg & Meg has launched!

Margaret Wallis-Duffy and Megan Buhrmester on the set of the podcast PHAMCAST in collaboration with YourTV

Last February, I realized a dream and was the visionary behind the first ever Preventative Health Awareness Month (PHAM), recognized by Health Canada.

Click here to see the posting of the event on the Health Canada Website.

Over the course of the month, 40 healthcare professionals came together to share education to help stock the preventative health toolbox of Canadians with tips, strategies and resources to help build their health esteem so they can become the CEO of their Health.

All pillars of health were addressed, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even financial health.

This FREE educational and advocacy campaign took place on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it included many blogs and live interactive webinars with an opportunity to learn from leading healthcare professionals in their field.

Preventative health is NOT just about putting these practices into action for one month but rather adopting this lifestyle all year long. That is why PHAM has now morphed into PHAM – Preventative Health Awareness Movement.

The Preventative Health Awareness Movement is now in FULL swing, and we are on a mission to put you into the driver’s seat of your health, so you have more confidence to be your own advocate for your health.

We are committed to finding a wide range of ways to provide education to you as we believe you are the MOST important member of your healthcare team. That is why we are so excited to invite you to check out, subscribe, share, and leave us a review of our new podcast called PHAMCAST.

PHAMCAST is both a podcast and a TV show thanks to our collaboration with Your TV (Cogeco). You can find us on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

Get ready to join us for some soulful, authentic, and empowering conversations about life and health.

We have already had some great guests and have more lined up for future episodes.

We invite you to pull up a chair, engage with us, share your stories, and learn from our experts and one another.

We value your feedback and for every person that leaves us a review you will be entered for a chance to win some amazing giveaways and may be mentioned on air in a future podcast episode.


 Remember, a Healthy Tomorrow begins with PREVENTION today!

Your partners in preventative health,

Marg & Meg (aka M&M 😊)

Margaret Wallis-Duffy

Margaret Wallis-Duffy

Margaret Wallis-Duffy is an award-winning passionate Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with over 30 years of experience running her own integrative wellness clinic and healthcare community.
Georgetown, ON